Are you interested in Filipino women? We have gathered for you some useful information on the country, culture, and character of Filipino women.

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia composed of more than 7000 islands. Culture is a particularly tasty blend of Asian, American and Spanish cultures (well, to learn more, read the article on the Philippines on Wikipedia).

Many European men are now interested in Asian women and especially in the Philippines. Also, if you want to find a Filipina woman or if you just want to hang out with one of them, here are 6 interesting facts and tips about Filipina girls:

pinay woman

1. Filipino women speak English very well

English is the second official language of the Philippines. Most young men and women speak excellent English. It is thus much easier to communicate with Filipino women than, for example, Thai women (whom many French men seek to marry).

When you have a relationship with a woman from a completely different culture, we do not hide the fact that it is certainly useful to be able to communicate clearly in a common language!

2. The Philippines loves Europeans!

In the Philippines, the local culture draws a great deal of influence from that of the United States and other Western countries, so that Filipinos are, in general, very accustomed to foreigners. Women like European men and especially men from Central and Northern Europe who tend to be more accustomed to gender equality and treat their women with respect which is key to making it last.

And yes, it is undeniable that money and financial (and social) security in the West are also assets for Filipino women who are looking for a Western man. There are even men that say getting laid is easy when in the Philippines.

3. Philippines women are more traditional

How are Filipino women in terms of gender roles and values, in relationships and life in the broad sense?

While the younger generation in western countries – ie people in their twenties and thirties – values pleasure and personal experiences (while delaying marriage and founding a family), Filipinos are more traditional.

Filipino women are more family oriented and Filipino culture is also more traditional in this regard.

The average birth rate in the Philippines is close to 3 children per woman. In western countries, this same birth rate is about 2. This means that Filipino families are bigger. In the Philippines, families are a tight-knit entity where all family members help each other. The state provides little support so that people still rely on each other in case of a hard blow.

Meanwhile, in the West, we live alone in shoe boxes (did you know for example that statistics show that about 35% of homes in western countries are made up of single people … and that this trend is on the rise?). And we rely on the state when we need financial assistance or health care.

There are no secrets: what usually makes a human being happy is a healthy relationship and good family relationships. Thus, meeting a woman who is looking to start a family is a key to finding happiness in the long run.

4. Filipinos are happy people

The Philippines is a poor country compared to western countries for example, but its citizens are very friendly and often smiling when they meet a stranger. And in general, Filipinos do not take life too seriously as we can do in our stressed and anxious Western world.

In the Philippines, people are not followers of this perpetual flight, so typical of our society. We need more trips, longer vacations, more expensive cars, more clothes, more jewels and so on … Filipinos, they know how to enjoy the simple things of life and be satisfied a little.

5. They like to work

Do you care if Filipina women have only your money? Of course, there are unscrupulous people all over the world, but Filipino women are used to working and making money on their own.

Filipinos often move to different countries to work and it is estimated that there are more than 10 million Filipino workers worldwide.

You must first know that:

If a Filipino woman emigrates from her tropical climate country to Europe with cold and gray winters, the fact that she wants to find a job is a good integration factor. A woman who has a professional life outside her home is a more fulfilling woman … and your marriage will be better.

6. Where and how to meet women from the Philippines?

According to some estimates, there are approximately 50,000 Filipinos in France.

Also, if you are keen to meet Filipina women outside of their country, the best thing to do is to log on to an online dating site.

But the easiest way to get to know Filipino women is to join This is without a doubt the biggest site to meet women from the Philippines. Log in, browse the photos and start the discussion! Check out Filipino cupid reviews if you don’t believe us.

The site even has an integrated translator: type your message in any language and it will immediately be translated into English!

You also have the opportunity to book a trip to the Philippines to meet women. You will have the opportunity to meet them in bars and nightclubs, approach them in the street or, why not, register on online dating sites such as FilipinoCupid to have them agree in advance to meet you.

Have you ever met Filipina women? Share your experiences in the comments below!