Having a lasting relationship that is a success is not an easy thing. Since it involves dedicating time and effort.

But if you and your boyfriend want to maintain your strong bond and continue hand in hand for many more years, here we reveal some keys to have a long-lasting relationship.


Remember that communication is the basis of the relationship. It is important that each member of the couple externalize all their feelings. Both what you like and dislike, this way you can make important decisions for the couple.

Anything should be treated with the other, be it a personal thing or another that involves them both.

In all relationships there are conflicts, in fact, some become healthy for coexistence as they help us identify those things that are not good among the members. Therefore, it is important that, if a problem arises, it should be treated as soon as possible and never be left for later, since this will only cause the grudges to accumulate until it is impossible to resolve them.

When there is a fight try to stay calm, let the other speak, not resort to conflicts of the past, those were in yesterday so you must focus on the current one, avoid making negative or critical comments and above all think things through and not say something that you can later regret.

Support the passions and dreams:

A couple must be support, the push to do everything that the other party likes, an adventurous companion and the best ally to achieve the goals and objectives of life.

To achieve any goal you must have a helping hand, loyal and willing to support us in everything, and couples who have more than twenty years together know it.

Mutual and separate interests:

We have been told that we must find our “half orange”, that person who complements us and in that though we fall into the error that we must merge with the other and we forget to have a life of our own, we believe that we belong to the other and vice versa, things do not work that way.

Lasting relationships know that each member has their own activities, must do things separately and is free to think differently from the other, in fact, is when love is tested, when in spite of being different they do the impossible to get along, reach agreements and stay together.

Willing to compromise:

They know that having a relationship implies a very big commitment. To begin with, you must work day by day so that the spark and the illusion do not go away from each other, be faithful and not betray the trust of the other. Make a space in the activities to dedicate time to the couple, in short, there are many things that require effort, happy and lasting couples are committed to fighting for a happy union.


When the limits of respect are exceeded in a relationship everything changes and for worse, the worst of these cases is that sometimes it is impossible to go back in time and the offenses and criticisms become a habit that is obviously killing harmonious coexistence in the relationship.

Therefore, happy couples never address each other with offensive nicknames, negative comments or criticisms that they know will damage their self-esteem.

The success of long and healthy relationships lies in the commitment of both to make everything work in a harmonious way. Working as a team will always be the best to end the conflicts that are presented and above all enjoy all the time you are together.