It’s easy to attract a man, the hard part is making him fall in love with you. You do not have to change or play dumb to like a man. If you want to make a man fall in love with you, you need to understand the way your mind works and use this in your favor.

Use these simple tips and you will know how to get someone to fall in love with you especially with that man you loved. The best part is that you do not need to change.

1. Dress Attractively

Men are visual and women know this very well. When you go out with a man, get dressed as best you can. If you see that he smiles broadly or discreetly looks at your outfit, you will know that you have hit the mark. But dressing attractively is not enough.

If you see other men watching you too, they will want you more. Men are extremely competitive when it comes to women. Gain the attention of the other men of the place and the man you like will do everything to gain your attention.

2. Be Nice

Men cannot resist a beautiful smile and if you can offer one when you are with him, he will adore you for it. If you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you, put your hair behind your ear when you answer an uncomfortable question, smile a little when you receive a compliment and laugh at his jokes even if you’ve heard them before.

If a man is attracted to you, he will obviously want to impress you with funny and heroic tales. By showing him that you enjoy flirting with him, you will make him feel better about himself. And a man always loves a woman who makes him feel a better man.

3. Bad-Mannered

Men are completely estranged from arrogant women. If you are rude to him on a date or with the innkeeper, he will ask if you are always like that. Men worship strong-willed women, but if they become arrogant they will stay as far as possible.

4. Connect with him at an intellectual level

Flirty conversations are cute and sweet, and man will love the fact that he can make you blush. But just flirting without getting into something serious can be boring.

In your next appointments, try to connect with your man more intellectually. Talk to him about his career, his goals, his ambitions and his aspirations, and let him know that he can have a more meaningful conversation with you.


 5. Eye Contact

It has been proven that eye contact can be very romantic and can make two people fall in love in a short time. The next time you have a conversation with him, look him deeply in the eye while he talks to you.

You can smile or flirt, but every time your eyes meet, try to keep your gaze a few seconds. This will make the man feel more comfortable and will definitely make his heart beat faster.

6. Do not be available all the time

This is difficult, but it is certainly a great way to make a man fall in love with you. When you’re in love with someone, you obviously want to spend as much time as possible with that person. But when you cannot be together, you end up missing her more.

Once you know that the man likes you, try saying no to some invitation from time to time. Although it is important to spend time together to fall in love with you, it is just as important to give some space to realize how special you are and how much you really need.

7. Show your Talents

If you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you, show him your talents. Maybe you like him for your personality, but to make him fall in love with you, you must be a box of surprises that he wants to explore.

Show him your talents and impress him with the things you do, be it in a karaoke, dancing, playing a game or playing the piano. Give him the opportunity to admire you for how great you are.

8. Do not agree with Him always

Compatibility is the key to every happy relationship. But you do not always have to agree with everything he says or does. Sometimes, a small disagreement may take you by surprise, but it will make you respect your opinions more.

Remember that men like to flirt with a funny woman and talk seriously with an intellectual woman. Show him that you can be both and you will see that it is impossible to avoid falling in love with you.

9. Do not let him know you’re feelings

Men love to go in search of a good romance. They take their time to fall in love, but when they do, they fall completely in love.

Let the man know that you like him a lot, but never let him see that you are in love with him. It is always better to ask yourself how serious you feel about him.

The longer the persecution, the more it will love you. But at the same time, pushing him too far can make him give up. Make yourself difficult, but also be nice to him.

You do not have to change anything for you to fall in love. All you need is patience, a pinch of style and the perfect balance between affection and making yourself difficult.